The Music of The Stranglers

Formed in 1974 in the south of England near Guilford The Stranglers, with a few personnel changes along the way, are still going strong releasing new albums and touring. Hugh Cornwell, having left the fold in the early ninties, is also alive and well and producing fine material to this day. I've heard them described as, "men of high intellect with very base desires". This is their world...

The Stranglers: Duchess b/w Fools Rush Out The Stranglers: The Raven The Stranglers: Sverige b/w In the Shadows The Stranglers: Something Better Change The Stranglers: Skin Deep
The Stranglers:  Midnight Summer Dream The Stranglers:  Nice in Nice The Stranglers: Don't Bring Harry + 3 More... The Stranglers:    Feline The Stranglers:   Long Black Veil
The Stranglers:  Dreamtime The Stranglers: Golden 45's Series      


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