Little needs to be said about the decades spanning career Donovan. Touted early on as the isles answer to Bob Dylan, Donovan went on to establish himself as a musician who was able to move between the realms of folk, pop and smatterings of rock and jazz. Featuring such players as Jeff Beck on a few of his songs and rubbing elbows with the Beatles while on their spiritual retreat he quickly grew tired of the world of fame. Continuing to make music and tour Donovan still brings his brand peace and harmony to his listeners in fine fashion.


Donovan:  Barabajagal Donovan:  Catch the Wind Donovan:  Cosmic Wheels Donovan: Fairytale Donovan:  For Little Ones Donovan:  In Concert
Donovan:   Mellow Yellow Donovan:  Sunshine Superman Donovan: The Best Of Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan:  Minstrel Boy  Donovan:  A Gift From a Flower to a Garden
Donovan:  Golden Hour of Donovan Donovan:  Universal Soldier Donovan:  Donovan      


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